Glasgow in 2014 through the Commonwealth Games showed it’s a city that cares by working in partnership with UNICEF to put Children First.  The Buddhist Vihara in Glasgow and COPE in Drumchapel intend to continue this legacy. 

Working with The Scottish Centre for Mindfulness, our purpose is to raise funds to support the development of a pre-school in Bellana, a south western village in Sri Lanka.  By providing access to education, our aim is to give future generations of Bellana a chance of a better quality of life. 

In Bellana, there is a purpose-built centre which was used as a care facility for 20 children who lost both their parents in the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004.  These children are grown adults now and no longer require the facilities of this centre.  The funds raised will be used in the conversion of the centre into a pre-school; to buy uniforms for the students; to purchase supplies to help establish the centre as a school; to meet teaching and volunteer costs to support the learning processes for the students.  This year the Mindfulness Centre donated £3000 towards the pre-school project. Funds are also raised from teaching the MBSR courses at the Buddhist Vihara in Glasgow.   

In their show of support for the Bellana pre-school project, The Glasgow Caledonia University staff members who completed the MBSR course on 24th of November 2014 donated soft toys as a gift to each child registered for its first intake at the pre-school.  Bhante will hand over the ‘wee Scottish friends’ from Glasgow to the Sri Lankan “Mindful Kids” at the Pre-School opening Ceremony on 5 January 2015.  Cathleen Robertson from COPE mental health charity in Drumchapel, Rocco Conforti from Scotland’s Buddhist Vihara, and, Esther Khoo from Singapore are guests of honour at the opening ceremony.

Please support us to give future generations of Bellana a chance of a better quality of life through education. 




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