On 31st Dec 2014 I had the privilege and honour of being invite to going to Sri Lanka for the opening of a pre School for the children in a small village in Bellana. I have never been my honoured in my life to have been given the opportunity to what I can only describe as a magical experience . From stepping off the plane I was greeting so warmly and friendly by security guards who made sure my entry to the country was hassle free.
My first glance of the school that I was visiting was a true heart felt moment , every child had an amazing smile across their face they were so grateful for the smallest of things.
The school is a beautiful building with lots of rooms for the children to use ,the facilities need to be improved so as the children have a safer environment to play in, the playground at the moment is still mud and bricks with planks of wood laying around and paint pots left lying .
With the fund raising  that TLC2COPE and their supporters have raised so far we are hoping that it won’t be too long before the play area is up and running with lots of safe play items  for the children to enjoy.
I visited some amazing temples in Sri lanka every one of them different, the guides all telling the meanings of each pose and sitting , which I didn’t know I thought they all meant the same.
My first ride in a tut tut is an experience  I will never forget , I will never complain about our taxi drivers again.
The food is very tasty and at times hot  but as always the people were happy to please you in whatever way they could I was kept happy with not having chillies in my food and every evening  I was given a flask of the most delicious herbal tea to take to my room.
One of my days in the school I sat with a group of children and a teacher  and we just kept repeating over and over again the days of the week after a while the feeling of achievement that I felt was overwhelming when the children started to say the days in English I think my smile was bigger than theirs .
Simple tasks like learning to cut and paste was such a pleasure for them to learn to do
I had so much fun and enjoyment out of what I was teaching these so grateful children
Every day was different  at break times they would all wash their hands and then get their morning break meal out and lay their space on the table with their napkin and whatever their had to eat that day .
I didn’t hear 1 child complain or moan the whole time I had the pleasure of being in their company.
My visit will be an experience that I know 100% I will never forget and I feel so humble that I was given the opportunity to have this experience.

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