Bhante Rewatha, the founder of Glasgow Mindfulness Centre, has started a new project to support diabetic patients living in the Palinda Nuwara area in Sri Lanka. The project aims to raise awareness of the possibility of the loss of eyesight due to diabetes. According to the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka, Retinopathy screening is extremely important in preventing diabetic blindness as 24% of the urban population and 14 % of the rural population have diabetes.

The Project will involve establishing education and awareness programmes as well as organising screening clinics to offer diabetic retinopathy, diabetes being a major cause of blindness in Sri Lanka.  Many diabetes sufferers are not aware of the dangers diabetes poses to eyesight and therefore do not take part in any Retinopathy screening programme or screening tests, which usually involves travel to Colombo for free tests and, in general, private tests are not affordable.

The project aims to raise the awareness of the problem among the villages and to provide free travel and meals to Colombo Eye Hospital for the screening as well as covering the cost for private tests and screenings.

Bhante Rewatha provides Mindfulness Training Courses to raise funds for this project through Scotland Buddhist Vihara (SBV) Charity and the Glasgow Mindfulness Centre.

We would greatly appreciate your kind support for the project.

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